About Carmela

Carmela was raised in a small town call Ribera in Sicily Italy near the Mediterranean Ocean.Carmela came to the United States in 2001 and came to stay when she married her husband Jerry Fernandez in 2004. When in Sicily, Carmela would often cook along side her Nonna and mother. Her passion of cooking came at an early age.

She brought with her to the United States some of the wonderful traditional meals from Sicily. Carmela loves to prepare these dinners. Dinners that were meant to be eaten with family. We know that in todays world, it is difficult to cook every night for family.

Let Carmela’s Kitchen prepare some wonderful Sicilian meals for you and your family, you should be able to enjoy a home cooked meal without having to hover over a hot stove after working all day. Let us cook it, deliver it, all you have to do is set the table... and eat.


  Ribera Sicily